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Duck Life

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unnamedSometimes I dream to have a big farm with lots of animals and birds. Now my dreams come true in the Duck Life flash game, where you can become an owner of a beautiful farm. During the tornado, your farm was destroyed but there is one thing left - a tiny egg. You have to take care of your little duck, train it and try to win the competition to get some money for building a new farm. Even though that this sounds a bit silly, Duck Like is really addictive game. As soon as you start playing it, you realize that it can take hours of your spare time...but it's worth it.  Everything begins with training your duck. At the beginning of the game your duck is weak and can't win even one tournament. Your mission is to make it stronger in several skills : running, swimming,flying and Energy. Your little duck will also need some food to be strong. In Duck Life game, you earn golden coins when you enter the tournament. Even if you lose the race you wil be given some gold which you can spend in special shop to buy more food or upgrades for your duck. Duck Life Unblocked is a good game not only for kids, but also for grown-ups.You can now play the game for free at our website. Enjoy Duck Life.